hj intense perfume

Hello Kitty Intense Ladies’ Perfume

Hello Kitty’s Intense Perfume suits a glamour girl’s every mood. Like a more concentrated version of the signature Hello Kitty scent, you’ll smell rich floral accords and a wink of warm vanilla. A little hint of musk is present in the base notes, adding a touch of glamour to a twinkling fragrance created especially for […]

hello kitty perfume

Hello Kitty Perfume

Get whisked away to a magical world of love, peace and happiness alongside your favorite kitty with this Hello Kitty Perfume! BUY IT HERE

cute bunny nail art

Cute Bunny Nail Art

This Easter bunny manicure is an adorable way to ring in the spring season.  If you want a cute design to do as you collect eggs, need an adorable design to show your friends, or just want to do a design that will bring a smile to every face who sees it, this nail art design is […]

nail art silver stripes

DIY Nail Art Silver Stripes

You can first paint your nails a grey color OR my suggestion is to start with a gel manicure. The best thing about gels is that if you mess up, you can remove your top layers with nail polish remover, and your grey base will stay. Or if you get tired of this look, you […]

cute ombre nails

Cute Ombre Nails

Achieve the ombre effect in your nails without the use of sponge. Gone are the days of trying to quickly blend wet colors on your nails for an ombre design, furiously working away with a toothpick or paintbrush to get a gradated effect. Here is a simple and foolproof way to get a great ombre […]

Penguin Nail Art

When the weather gets chilly, there’s no better way to dress up your nails than with a Winter-friendly penguin. This design wins big points in the cuteness category, but it’s also a pretty easy design to freehand yourself.  

fishtail manicure

Fishtail Braid Nail Art

how to do a fishtail braid pattern on your nails.  They are really pretty easy but look so effective. So, start by painting your nails with a base colour, using the lightest colour you are going to use for your fishtail manicure. Paint a diagonal line in one direction from the base of your nail using your […]

diy heart nails

DIY Heart Nails

Get your Valentine’s spirits up even if you don’t have a sweetheart with this uber cute heart nail art design!

think pink nails

Pink Chevron Nail Art

With Hearts Day just around the corner, this cute little nail art is a surefire way to celebrate love and happiness.

Nautical Stripes and Hearts Nails

Nautical Stripes and Hearts Nails

AHOY, mate!! We found a fun new way to do NAUTICAL using straight strips and this might be one of the easiest nail art manicures ever! Painting stripes can be a big challenge, but this is pretty simple.