Who says Hello Kitty is exclusively only for girlie girls? Well, Hello Kitty once again proves itself to be a very versatile brand in this mannish outfit! If you shuns away from anything too pink and too girly then this outfit is for you.
Show off your tough side while wearing this black Hello Kitty sweater spotted at tumblr.com. Hello Kitty still looks adorable in this dark sweatshirt.
What to pair below? Check this chachi momma pants I am Fire found at hostingpics.net. With this momma pants on, you’re a girl on fire ready to take any challenge that will come your way.
For your shoes, try wearing this Vanessa and Angela pastry shoes available at lovepastry.com. Though it is in color black, it gives off an air of sweet, chic and unique aura to everyone. This will balance the edgy look of this attire.
And to top it off, don a SANRIO x NEW ERA HELLO KITTY II 59Fifty Caps sold by strictlyfitteds.com. This attractive red baseball cap is good to add a dash of color to this dark manly outfit.
Completing and putting on this exceptional outfit, all you need now is a mean motorbike to go and have some action!