Casual look with kitty

Here comes casual Fridays! Not yet decided on what to wear for school? This one would make you cool. Loosen up a bit and wear something diverse just like this distressed boyfriend jeans from This trend is becoming more popular these days that almost all fashion bloggers worked on this kind of style already. If you’re saving up money, well you can still research for DIYs on the web and ask for your Dad’s loose pants. Rock this washed out and distressed jeans everyday and you’re just one of the most fashionable girls in your school. You will look really cool with these wearing a simple top or a nice sheer button-down shirt. Nevertheless, if you prefer something simple, this light-blue Hello Kitty Street fighter inspired character shirt is okay and adorable for its nice design. This would also go pretty cute with these Vans slip-ons from Sometimes, it’s nice to play with matching colors to get more charm.  If you’re having this coordinate for school, this no doubt would catch attention. Get this minimalist Jil Sander leather bag which you can pair with your clothes from, it can be worn with a cross-body strap or just the handle. Imagine how this look could brighten up your day at school, since it has a wonderful color.