Rainy day look with kitty

Are you guys ready for the rainy season? Well, it’s fun playing under the sun but it gets more fun playing through the rain. You and your girl can be this fashionable while hitting the roads with these cool Hello Kitty must-haves! The weather these days are so unpredictable, sometimes it’s scorching hot and then later it rains. When this happens don’t forget to bring with you these super adorable items to prepare for the unexpected weather. First, umbrella, this cute pink Hello Kitty umbrella will be super handy for your kid since it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Second, this cutie boots will totally make her happy for its lovely design and handles that are easy to carry as well. Third, of course if she gets wet, she will need to change clothes to prevent sickness. You can put 1-2 shirts in her Hello Kitty bag which is really cool since it’s waterproof so you can fit in more essentials like snacks and drinks. It’s also nice that you keep her warm by letting her wear jeans, and it does not only keep her warm but also keeps her protected anyways, you wouldn’t worry about it getting wet since she’s wearing boots. All of these you can buy HERE