Hello Kitty Rice Ball Molds


  • Material: rice ball type, polypropylene, glue punch ABS resin, nylon, stainless steel, die-cut polystyrene
  • Heat-resistant temperature: rice ball type 120 , glue punch 60 , the die-cut 80

Lunch colleagues and cute Kitty-chan, is a set of convenience goods you would be in no time. 6 items set one (side dish) die-cut two glue punch draw facial expressions and three character type rice ball with handles, food! Because it is with the steering wheel, to make directly from the rice cooker, I am, I can just press tightly at the push lid. Inside Because it becomes the convex processing, rice is hard to stick to. If there is even this lunch plate lunch and Hello Kitty Dzukushi, I am, I can easily!