Slice Wide slot toaster with cool Touch

You will LOVE it!! This is a must have. I am married with 2 kids (but I got it for myself). I have had this toaster for over 4 years!! & still works great!! YES the Hello Kitty picture does show on your toast!! I will note that if you notice in the picture also the toast is very brown. When this happens you get Hello Kitty face. If on a lower setting you probably will not have much of face. I keep mine at 3 and the face is sooo cute!! This toaster does it all!! The buttons on the right side really do work! They are: Defroster, Bagel & even a CANCEL button. So no need lifting handle when you want your toast right then – like many other toasters do. The bottom pulls OUT so you can EASILY CLEAN!! This is an awesome product!! Don’t wait! Get it now!! Even as an adult who wouldn’t want to have some “fun” in the kitchen? Brighten it up and even makes for good conversation piece. Must have product!! You will LOVE it!!