Hello Kitty Must Haves

Hello Kitty, the beloved cartoon white bobtail cat created by Japanese company Sanrio, has been around since 1974. As of 2010, Hello Kitty is worth a massive $5 billion a year. She is the face of a plethora of products, TV shows, and even theme parks. If the adorable cat with the red bow has stolen your heart, here is a range of Hello Kitty must-haves you are sure to enjoy.
Let’s start with your style. There are small ways to introduce Hello Kitty to your wardrobe and they lie within cute accessories. Aside from jewelry, there are many Hello Kitty themed accessories to get creative with. Look for Hello Kitty square frame glasses with a red bow and black whiskers to add quirky personality to your look. You can also catch a variety of shoes and bags printed with Hello Kitty’s face in colorful designs. A really hot accessory is the Hello Kitty phone case, which can be found in a wide variety of designs. Most are beautifully bedazzled, some with 3D Hello Kitty figures on the back. There is also a case for the iPhone which features a full-bodied Hello Kitty, disguising your phone as the lovable cat.
This spring, Sephora released an exclusive makeup line entitled “Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Collection.” This collection features a fun eye shadow palette, nail polish, mirror, makeup brush cup, comb, nail file, hair bows, and more. A few years ago, MAC also launched an extensive Hello Kitty makeup line. Unfortunately, it is not sold anymore, but it can still be found online – a wonderful find for collectors. These two options are a great way to add Hello Kitty to your every day beauty routine. There is an amazing amount of Hello Kitty products for your home. Show your love of Hello Kitty with small kitchen appliances and electronics. It is easy to find a Hello Kitty toaster, which imprints the cat’s face on toast, a Hello Kitty microwave, and a Hello Kitty coffee maker. With Hello Kitty alarm clocks, radios, computers, it would not be difficult to fill your home with cute personality. To give your home a truly unique touch, shop for Hello Kitty wall decals, which are available in multiple styles.
Believe it or not, there is even Hello Kitty wine and vodka available. Also, a devoted Hello Kitty enthusiast would surely be interested in the Hello Kitty smart car. If not, there is a good deal of car accessories available at a variety of stores. Take Hello Kitty with you everywhere in the form of an MP3 player or digital camera. If you’re interested in giving a Hello Kitty lover a one-of-a-kind gift, try a Hello Kitty teapot with matching mug or a Hello Kitty themed floral arrangement. Or impress guests by serving Hello Kitty macarons or cupcakes.
As you can see, there is a multitude of ways to step up your love for the Hello Kitty brand and image. The list in no way stops here. Whether you are a long time fan or just gaining interest, search for these Hello Kitty must-haves and you will be surprised at how addicted you may become.